Welcome to Bridge1

Bridge1 – Is an independent and entrepreneurial driven organization bridging the gap between fund seekers and investors. Our competence is to highlight knowledge, experience and issues around funding, starting and scaling up your business through strong innovative leadership.

What we do

  • We give your startup or scaleup company access to the largest investor networks i the Nordics.
  • We support you in creating your business case.
  • We train and prepare you for performing a sharp and unique pitch, customized for targeted investors.

Bridge1 started on initiative by Fredrik Josefsson Head of Business Growth & Entrepreneurship at the Nordic Corporate Bank SEB. The initiative was created to grow Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SEB and in the Swedish finance sector.


Upcoming Events
  • 2018 April 24
    Fundracing at SEB Innovation Forum Extendend, Stureplan 2, Stockholm. Sign up here »
  • 2018 – August
    Fundracing at SEB Innovation Forum Malmö. (Look out for the invitation)
  • 2018 – August
    Fundracing at SEB Innovation Forum Extended, Stureplan 2, Stockholm. (Look out for the invitation)
  • 2018 – September
    Fundracing at SEB Innovation Forum Extended, Stureplan 2, Stockholm. (Look out for the invitation)
What we have done
  • 2016
    Business trips for Investors, Private banking advisors, Startups and Scaleup companies to Silicon valley and New York.
  • 2016
    Partner and sponsor to SRI International Stockholm Innovation Week, http://events.sri.com/innovation-symposium-sweden/
  • 2018
    Found racing at SEB Innovation Forum Extended, a found racing arena created by Bridg1 and SEB to the following companies and start up’s: www.targetaid.som, www.afripods.com, www.lanetalk.com
SRI International Stockholm Innovation week 2016

Bridge1 interviews Steve Ciesinski, SRI International

Bridge1 interviews Pia Wågberg, Innventia RISE

Bridge1 interviews Göran Olofsson, EIT Digital

Bridge1 interviews Marie Wall, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Bridge1 interviews Lennart Ohlsson, STOAF

Bridge1 interviews Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical Design

Bridge1 interviews Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, Orbital Systems

Our Team

  • Jonas Jonsson
    Jonas Jonsson CEO & Founder

    Jonas has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has started over 10 companies and developed conceptual meeting arenas for Global as well as Nordic companies. Jonas is driven by his great passion to create communication platforms for investors and innovations to grow business relations.

  • Ulrika Tornerefelt
    Ulrika Tornerefelt Head of Green Tech & Innovation Strategy

    Ulrika holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering in combination with studies in organizational psychology. Ulrika has over 15 years of experience in interfunctional program management and build-up of technical organizations. Ulrika has a 10 year background within the energy and enivonmental business at award winning growth companies. Ulrika has a true dedication for empowering sustainable and technical innovations.

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